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Picking the Perfect Firearm

Picking the perfect firearm is easier said than done. When I'm searching for a new gun, three top requirements come to mind: round capacity, quality, and how the gun feels in my hand. If this is a firearm I'm purchasing for the sole purpose of concealed carry, size is also a factor and my ability to conceal the firearm will be considered as well.

Although those factors are at the top of my list, picking the perfect firearm starts long before going to the gun store to purchase it. I do tons of research on reviews of that weapon system to see what people who have purchased it and used it think. I look to see if there are problems or malfunctions that are common with multiple users. If a specific make and model of a gun have multiple negative reviews, I dig deeper to see if I really want to deal with this potential issue in a firearm as well.

“Picking the perfect firearm starts long before going to the gun store...”

I stick to a weapon system I am familiar with. A base model pistol with the ability to customize and upgrade as time goes on has served me well over the last 5+ years.

My top pick could be different from yours

Remember, just because a firearm works perfectly for me, does not mean it will be great for everyone. We all have different requirements and priorities in different order based on the wants and needs for that specific firearm. If you are struggling to find one you like, go to a gun store that offers a range facility where you can try before you buy. The way a gun feels in you hand during and after you're pulling the trigger is far different when compared to doing a few reps of dry fire in the store.

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