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Fran is a Sheriff’s Deputy based out of Southern California and has worked in law enforcement since 2014. After working in a custody facility for a few years, and meeting her husband while employed there (spoiler alert, he was a coworker, not an inmate), she started her career on patrol. In April 2020 while trying to apprehend a fleeing felon, she suffered a devastating on duty injury that almost ended her career in law enforcement.


During her nearly year long recovery, she realized she could do some much more than just sit at home and feel sorry for herself. In her desire to improve, she realized that the skills and knowledge she has as a law enforcement officer weren’t things to keep secret and they should be shared with other women. Because of this realization, Fran started ThinBlueLifestyle- an Instagram account which helps women to live more safety conscious and self reliant lifestyles. Her account is geared towards women of all ages in hopes to make them feel confident and compelled to make their safety a top priority.


Tips on command presence, situational awareness, and firearms safety are common topics discussed on TBL. Basic medical skills, concealed carry, and preparedness are also normal topics of conversation. TBL is growing and expanding to include firearms training for women to help them feel more comfortable and confident with these skills.

Fran acknowledges and respects that the journey to becoming self-reliant is different for everyone. TBL is here to help anyone, at any stage of their journey to live a more safety conscious life.  

In her free time, Fran loves to cook, workout (add me on Peloton:FrancescaRegina), spend time with her family, and tend to her animals. On her days off you'll find her at home, watching Schitt's Creek or a classic Disney movie (The Little Mermaid is her favorite!), and enjoying what little downtime she has. She is the owner and creative mind behind all things TBL, and with the help of her former Army Ranger husband, she films content and brings these topics to life!

Thank you so much for visiting this site and getting to know a little bite more about me and TBL. Please do not hesitate to reach out. I look forward to us growing and learning together! 💙


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